Oh, Hi.

Here is a place where you can find some examples of my work.

Caribou Stories

Caribou Stories was a micro-site experience which is no longer public, but I stood up a version of it here for you to see.

In 2014 Caribou printed the first sentence of a story on their to-go cups. Customers were persuaded to go to cariboustories.com and complete the story. User entries were persisted in a google doc. The same google doc allowed the client to approve entries which were then surfaced to other users on the website.

This version is missing the data persistence layer, so you won't see any user entries or be able to submit one yourself. But whatever, the UI is the best part.


  • Uses device accelerometer to animate layers on mobile.
  • Shake your phone to see it snow harder.
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Kozyshack Pudding

I worked on a team that built the Kozyshack.com website in 2013-2014. One of the parts I created were the bouncing letters at the top. At the time I had just read Daniel Shiffman's wonderful book, "The Nature of Code" and I was looking for opportunities to create animations based on physics rather than timelines or keyframes.

As an easter egg, the site listens for keypress events and when you press a key of a letter that exists in the hero statement, that letter bounces. If you type out certain words you get an animation surprise. Try typing "pudding" or "kozy" or "yum" while the letters are in view to see what I'm talking about.


  • Spring physics is what make the bouncing letters move naturally.
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Since ArtCrank started eight years ago, they have only sold posters at their events. Recently they decided to start selling posters online. At Colle McVoy I worked with Ryan Wenner to build them a site they could proudly and confidently use to enter the world of e-commerce.


  • Pushed Squarespace to do all kinds of things it wasn't comfortable with.
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Colle McVoy

When building the redesigned ColleMcVoy.com I worked with the very talented Daniel Jenstad.

We did much of the design in tandem with development, which kept things moving fast and allowed us to evaluate many different ideas, animations and interactions.


  • Asyncronous loading of pages creates create smooth transitions.
  • Playful experimentation led to the loading graphic getting updated three months after the site launched.
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